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You can have our loader accessories fitted at the factory, or buy them afterwards and fit them yourself. Several of the accessories are standard on different markets.

Q Lock - hydarulic impement lock

Q Lock – hydraulic implement lock

Simple and comfortable implement changes without having to leave the driver's seat. The hydraulic implement lock, Q Lock, is connected with a 3rd function. By way of an off/on function built into the Q Compact Valve, when sitting in the driver's seat you can choose to change implements or use the implement hydraulic's 3rd function. Simple and convenient, isn't it?

3rd and 4th hydraulic function

3rd and 4th hydraulic function

Additional functions allowing you to use, for example, an implement with grip function. You can carry out all implement connections from the same side, the left. The hoses are pulled through to the implement attachment's rear. The central valve, Q Compact Valve, has a pressure-relieving function to help connect snap-on couplings.


SoftDrive load damping

With SoftDrive not only your load is protected but also your implements, loader and tractor. The superior load damping function makes it easier for you to manoeuvre your loader and tractor. With SoftDrive you can usefully keep the loader on the tractor as a counterweight when example harrowing and plowing. After a day's hard driving, you also notice the ergonomic benefits – Soft Drive is a good investment in your work comfort.

Multiconnection MC4


The simplest and quickest way to connect all the hydraulics to your loader. It's a convenient tool to help you connect all the hydraulics to your loader in one simple operation. It eliminates problems with incorrect connections, pressure in the hoses or oil leaks.


Selecto Fix

Quick, simple and convenient tool for connecting the implement's hydraulics. Selecto Fix works to the same principle as Hydro Quick. The implement's hydraulics are connected just as quickly. The flat connection block is easy to clean, thus reducing the risk of dirt penetrating the tractor's hydraulic system.

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