Implement attachments for 160c and 180c

Quick attach tool carrier for 160C and 180C

The tool carrier on the two largest Quicke Compact models provides benefits such as an superb view of the implement, a helpful quick-connection function, and an excellent crowd angle.

Pin-on for 100c and 140c

Pin-fixing for implements for 100C and 140C

"Pin-on" means that the loader has a bucket fitted directly to the loader. In other words, pin-on loaders have no implement attachments (unlike the two largest models in the Quicke Compact range). The bucket is high quality, optimised for the loader and included in the price.

Modern design

Modern, high-performance design

An essential part of Quicke Compact. The gently rounded loader beam which matches the curve of the tractor’s bonnet is one example of this, while another example is the strong and robust bearing box – its slim design providing the best view possible.

Cross-pipe in uniquely low position

Cross tube in uniquely low position

A design solution exclusive to Quicke! The extra low cross tube on the Quicke Compact means that you always have a full view of the implement. Driving is also optimised from a safety point of view because the front lights are not hidden or covered.

compact and reliable arm design

Compact and reliable loader beam design

A benefit so typical of Quicke. All the essential parts of the hydraulics are securely protected inside the loader beam, which minimises the risk of injury and damage. Of course, this design also enhances the view.

Strong pins and smart locking

Strong pins and smart locking

All the pins on Quicke Compact are zinc-coated, and can also be lubricated. Note also the pin locking system unique to Quicke, which prevents the pins from rotating.

Protective hose kit

Protective hose cover

The hose cover protects the hoses from dirt, wear-and-tear, sunlight, etc. and also holds the hoses together, which in turn improves the view. The hose cover is standard on all Quicke Compact loaders.

Full control of the implements

Full control of your implements

The implement indicator supplied with the two largest models means that you can always keep control of the implement’s angle from the ground. It can be fitted on either the right or the left-hand side and is very simple to adjust.


Technical Specifications for 180C

Frontloaderspec Quicke Compact 180C



            Quicke Compact 180C 


Lifting force at 172 bar

  1. 1,800 kg at pivot pin, ground level

    1,120 kg at pivot pin, max. lift height

  2. 1,680 kg 500 mm from pivot pin, ground level

    1,410 kg 500 mm from pivot pin, 1.5 m lift height

    1,190 kg 500 mm from pivot pin, max. lift height

  3. 2,590 kg tear-out force 500 mm from pivot pin

Frontloaderspec, angles 500 mm

Lifting force at pivot pin
Lifting force 500 mm from pivot pin
Tear-out force 500 mm from pivot pin

Working angles*

45° max. crowd angle.
51° max. dump angle.

Lift height

2.81 metres at arm centre
2.59 metres under level implement*

*Varies depending on implement.

Tractor Size

>40-60 HP. >30-45 KW and/or

Rec. tractor weight

Up to approx. 1,800 kg.
In addition to engine strength, the tractor's weight and size influence your choice of loader

Loader weight

330 kg

Accessories and Implements avaliable for loader models 160c and 180c

If you are looking to push productivity up a notch or two. Or comfort. Or ergonomics. Our broad range of accessories and implements will enable you to get the most out of your Quicke loader.

Featured Accessory

Parallel linkage

Greater efficiency thanks to parallel linkage

An option for the two largest models which provide even more power and greater work speed..

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Featured Implement

Bucket C

C series

A robust and versatile implement. With Quicke original implements you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your loader and tractor

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